LWN article on Limux / WiMue and PMPC

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Fri Nov 10 14:53:26 UTC 2017

As on Wednesday a committee in Munich decided to do the Windows Munich
Migration Project (let's call that "WiMue" for short in future ;) ) I
thought you might be interested in this LWN article about my talk on the
migration in Munich, which I gave at the Open Source Summit in Prague. 


This does not cover the latest news from this week. But our German team
is working on that. A rough English translation of the quick comment
which Florian Snow (Deputy German Coordinator) and I worked on this is:

  EU wide politicians recognise the importance of Free Software for the
  modernisation of the state. The German land Schleswig-Holstein
  established the migration to Free Software in the coalation agreement
  and in the [Tallinn Declaration 32
  responsible for egovernment, called to push for Free Software].

  But Munich in an intransparent process Munich drifts in the opposite
  direction. Instead of focusing on the organisations problems --
  identified by studies commissioned by the city itself -- the mayor
  Dieter Reiter starts this project. With this red herring he present
  this to his new head of IT, who will start early 2019, as a fait
  accompli. The WiMue project (Windows in Munich) will paralyse the city
  administration for years with the public servants and the citizien in
  Munich suffering from this.

As always the comments on LWN are also interesting. I especially like
this one: 

  "The title lured me into reading what I thought would be a religious
  article or some kind of flamewar. But then I found myself reading all
  this common sense. Very disappointed, I want my money back! :-)"

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