Please help us spread the word on Roundcube Next

Paul Boddie paul at
Sun May 28 22:34:03 UTC 2017

On Saturday 6. June 2015 12.13.46 Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> That said, I genuinely believe it is extremely important for the Free
> Software community to get behind Roundcube Next and help us push it
> forward, as well as bring others on board with it.
> The longer story is here:


> Direct link for your convenience:

May I ask if anyone knows what happened with this? I was looking for recent 
information, of which there is very little, and found this article:

Has the project any chance of continuing to completion with the funds that 
were raised, or will it be up to the Free Software community to "push it 
forward" by doing the work that was going to be covered by the campaign?

I am sorry if my questions are inappropriate in any way.


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