UK to "end" encryption?

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>> To help, I hope, understand what is going on with encryption in UK I would read the documents from the
>> ... search for “Technical Capability Notices” (TCNs) ...
> For an explanation of TCNs and a legal analysis of their yet-to-be-decided application, please see:
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Dear Jah and Amunzip,

many thanks for your links.

To the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) i found this text from "The 
Burning Blogger":

The Terrible TRUTH About the Manchester Attack, the British Government & 
‘Salman Abedi’…

His/Her book "The Libya Conspiracy" we can read online:

And we have another source to the telecommunication on the re:publica2017:
Danny O’Brien from Electronic Frontier Foundation:

The basic question for us is, how we can create our self determined 
Telecommunication? The "Manchester Attack" is used, like so many 
attacks, to extend the private/state monopolisation. And for me is very 
clear, that this attacks are orchestriated from state/private instances 
to create the fear-potential to dissolve all her restrictions.

In the "Gladio" activities in Barcelona/Madrid is clear. In USA 9/11 is 
clear. In Paris and Nizza? In Berlin? In Boston? Now in Manchester?

If we know, that all this actors are/was very strong connected to the 
state security systems, like the LIFG with the "five eyes", and the 
potential for this actions rest in the terrible destruction in 
South-West Asia and North Africa, we see parts of a working system.

For me, the acceptance of the local/regional self determination is the 
base to dissolve all this terrible fightings. Countries, Cultures and 

But inside in our living space? The only way is the selforganised 
telecommunication in form of a Internet, the Inter-connection of local 
Net-works for our free access to free knowledge and free communication. 
We need the cooperation over all borders and regions on our planet.

end to end encryption

The best way to go around is to use the unencrypted data. The CIA and 
NSA together with the chip companies created the "Management engines". 
This we find long time in Intel, Amd, Samsung, Qualcomm architectures. 
Before external, now internal. This parallel processing system is only 
acessible from outside. You have to change the firmware in the BIOS 
image. LibreBoot start to do it. "Me-cleaner" also.

This mechanism we find in Client and Server systems. This is the easiest 
way to go around the end-to-end encryption. It is not important for you. 
And not proxies, TORs or anything.

CIA and NSA act on the black markets for exploits and backdoors. It is a 
big business. The consequece? Our self determined free and open hardware.

many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

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