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Fri May 19 08:15:07 UTC 2017

Hi, Daniel!

Am 2017-05-18 um 16:42 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> Has FSFE developed any scripts that are used for:
> - fetching data from public sites (like the bank)

We use aqbanking-cli for fetching data from the bank. All other sources
are manual download from their web interfaces.

> - transforming/normalizing the data

That's very specialized scripts that consist mostly of attempts to
interpret the transaction text, like:

if transaction text begins with "FC"
   then transaction type = "fellowship contribution"
elsif transaction text beings with "MP"
   then transaction type = "merchandise purchase"

> - producing the reports (e.g. balance sheet) from time to time?

We do this in LibreOffice using the function "data pilot".

> and could they be shared?

All of the scripts used are so completely specific to FSFE's kinds of
transactions and internal numbering schemes we have that they can hardly
be reused by anybody. Still, if someone is interested just to learn from
it and see how we do things, just let me know.

> Are there any other free software tools used in the process, e.g. the
> Firefox plugin ExportToCSV[2]?

No, all we use is aqbanking-cli, LibreOffice, and these specialized
Python scripts.

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