Open Agriculture / Free (as in Freedom) Food

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu May 11 10:06:01 UTC 2017

On 11/05/17 10:00, Carsten Agger wrote:
> That said, the ideas behind the food computer are interesting. It might
> be the most rational way to source some plants (rather than exploit
> vulnerable ecosystems and have them shipped across the globe), and in
> terms of sustainability it might be more rational than industrial farming.
> But I think it would be more of a supplement and that the majority of
> the food we eat should be produced by natural methods, following the
> permaculture principle of rebuilding at least as many ressources as are
> consumed.

Thanks for raising the topic of permaculture.  I feel these things all
have a role to play too.  Some points about the role of the food computer:

- there will always be some countries who can't produce enough food
through purely natural processes due to size/population ratio (think of
Singapore) and people in those places will be attracted to solutions
like this

- it is great for educational and research purposes, especially in the
family home or in cities

- from a hacker/developer perspective, both permaculture and food
computers provide interesting problems to be solved and some software
development will help in both domains (reusable code libraries anybody?)

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