Open Agriculture / Free (as in Freedom) Food

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu May 11 07:00:58 UTC 2017

On 11/05/17 08:17, Antonello Lobianco (not reply) wrote:
> Hello, I didn't understand what is it all about... sorry to look rude,
> but could you provide a small document that introduce the topic? In
> general, I don't like/have the time to watch videos, and I can't judge
> from your email if it is interesting...

The video shows exactly what they are building, so it is probably quite

I'm preparing a blog about the topic and that will give a more thorough
written explanation.

Briefly, their food computer is open hardware and free software for
growing plants like fruit and vegetables.

The motivation for this is to have a wider source of food.  The range of
products in a typical supermarket is not so wide, maybe 200 fruit and
vegetables.  The food computer can grow tens of thousands of different

As well as diversity, the quality is much higher because the food is
fresh.  Even though it is grown in a machine, you have to remember that
food in a supermarket often spends months in cold storage and transport
networks, that is also explained in the video, Harper gives the example
that the average apple in a supermarket has spent 10 months in storage
since it was harvested.



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