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Hello, I didn't understand what is it all about... sorry to look rude, but
could you provide a small document that introduce the topic? In general, I
don't like/have the time to watch videos, and I can't judge from your email
if it is interesting...


On 10 May 2017 at 17:54, Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:

> If you are not comfortable putting non-free software in your computer,
> have you ever thought about the non-free nature of the food you put in
> your body?
> A group at MIT's Media Lab have started the Open Agriculture (OpenAg)
> initiative and there was a TED talk (video[1]) about it in Geneva that
> makes it really clear what they are doing and why.
> The documentary Food, Inc[2] also helps understand what is at stake.
> Has anybody else looked at this or any similar projects already?
> A group has been formed[3] in Zurich to try and build one or more of the
> food computers collaboratively.  A venue is to be announced shortly.  I
> already raised this on the Zurich mailing list, but would anybody else
> want to come to Zurich to participate, be part of this remotely or
> replicate the idea in their own location?
> One challenge for us in Zurich is to try and find an efficient way of
> ordering all the parts, the list[4] includes over 100 items from about
> various suppliers.  Making up orders would be rather tedious, so
> grouping the orders together could help lower the hurdle for people to
> get started.
> One significant opportunity with this initiative is the outreach to
> other groups with environment, sustainability, urban agriculture and
> culinary interests.  OpenAg provides a way to developed a shared
> philosophy about what free really means and how free software is part of
> the solution to social problems like food security.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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