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Moritz Bartl moritz at
Thu Mar 23 08:27:30 UTC 2017

Hi Myriam,

On 22.03.2017 15:27, Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Do you also remove the outdated job offers regularly? Some are from
> 2015 or even older...

No, I don't want to remove them, at least not completely. One of the
goals of the site is to show people outside of FOSS that there are in
fact "real" jobs, something that I found surprisingly hard to convey in
many conversations, and also, as an archive of interesting organizations
to look at to inspire who to get in touch with.

I agree that older jobs could be "faded out" a little after a while, and
maybe separated into an archive. A first step towards that would be to
add an Expiry Date and a default of, say, 2 months, would maybe make the
age more obvious to casual visitors. I don't invest a lot of time in
fossjobs, and I did not write the underlying (now unmaintained) jobs
board. For me, adding jobs is more important, but at least there's a
ticket about this now:

There's another ticket about potentially replacing Jobberbase with some
other jobs board:


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