Technical Research required for Sharing and Reuse Award 2017

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Fri Mar 17 16:11:22 UTC 2017


El 17/03/17 a las 14:48, Matthias Kirschner escribió:
> On 29 April there will be the Sharing and Reuse Award from the European
> Commission in Lisbon. Together with ANSOL I'll be there. For the
> preparation it would be very good if someone could have a look at the
> shortlist (17 projects) for the award:
> Would someone here be able to check if the solution they mentioned are:
> 1. Really Free Software
> 2. If the services could be run by yourself from the software side. 

I've reviewed the Spanish ones:

* gvSIG: it's free software, GPLv2. Source code is here: (I cannot find license file
there, but the documentation says that if you contribute a plugin or
component, it should be compatible with GPLv2. Plus I think I remember
the license being shown when installing the Windows binary).

* REGWEB is free software, EUPL + GPLv3, source code here:

* SEDIPUALBA: I couldn't find license nor source code repo. It's a
suite of webapps that the province government of Albacete develops and
offers to any of the province's municipalities to use.

* SENTILO is free software, EUPL + GLGPL, souce code here:


> That would be very helpful in the preparation and communication by us
> about the event. 
> Best Regards,
> Matthias

Laura Arjona Reina

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