Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Bastien Guerry bzg at
Thu Jun 22 19:55:54 UTC 2017

(I'm just a member of this list, not a member of the FSFE, which goals
I strongly support though.)

Erik Albers <eal at> writes:

> In our European core team we are having a lively discussion now about the pros
> and cons of using proprietary software platforms like Facebook, Meetup,
> Twitter and alike to send out our message of software freedom.

I think FSFE should play a role model in not using proprietary
platforms at all.  Let supporters or other people relay the messages
there if they are there, but don't step there.

Otherwise, many supporters will argue that it's fine to stay on
Facebook because "even the FSFE is here" -- not being aware of the
subtleties that might be justify FSFE's position for doing so.

> Now I would be interested what you think? Do you think that - although the use
> of proprietary platforms is ethically not supportable - the chances of
> convincing new people to use and further Free Software are worth the punishment?

I think people are convinced by ideas, and that we have many free
software tools to spread those ideas.


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