Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

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> On 22. Jun 2017, at 21:31, Roland Häder <roland at> wrote:
>> Based on this, I would argue that FSFE needs to be present on
>> proprietary platforms to be able to achieve the second part of it’s mission.
> There is an idea circulating in the fediverse about writing a free-libre
> open source "youtube" ([s]of course, with an other name which I don't
> want to name here to not fuel domain sharks[/s] na, they already took
> the .org domain ... :-( ). But it remains only like that, no actual
> development took place after that. Mostly because of low human-resources
> (hackers willing to write it).
> If the FSFE could put their resources more into such projets, it would
> be more helpful than setting linkings to Youtube, Facebook, Linked-In,
> Instagram (FB again) and all of these high-walled coorporate "networks"
> (not really a network, compared to GNUSocial/Friendica).
> But what now? There is no FLOSS-Youtube (you should not name it that
> way) and nobody seem to have enough time to do it?

This is again the “world as it should be” point of view. Sure we can write a new video service. But how do we get those who are not in our network to know about it? 

I am all for the idea. But it is important to keep in mind that FSFE is foremost not an organisation that facilitates free software development. Not that we could not, but it is not our mission.


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