[Until 30 June] Participate in survey to improve the ICT patent framework for responsible innovation

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Fri Jun 16 08:17:52 UTC 2017

Hello everybody, 

as you know the FSFE, as well as many of you, has been involved in the
software patent topic for many years. Now there is another way to get
active in this area. 

Until 30 June you can participate in a survey for "CIFRA: Challenging
the ICT Patent Framework for Responsible Innovation", a project within
Horizon 2020 of the European Commission. The study is performed by Knut
Blind, who already previously did work on standardisation and patents in

The FSFE was already involved in expert interviews for that project and
because we believe it is important to provide a diverse set of
rationales and arguments in this context, your participation will be
highly appreciated. 

*Direct link* to the survey to be completed by 30 June 2017 (the results
will be made available at first to the respondents of the survey, and
then presented at a workshop on 30 October in Madrid):


The outline of the project:

> The importance of patents for the promotion of responsible innovation
> in ICT is in general acknowledged. This survey is conducted within the
> framework of CIFRA: Challenging the ICT Patent Framework for
> Responsible Innovation, a project within Horizon 2020 of the European
> Commission.
> We are aware of the various business models of the stakeholders
> involved in the development and commercialisation of ICT-related
> technologies and the different role ICT patents and other intellectual
> property rights play. Consequently, there is no single first best
> solution available. It is further acknowledged that the patent system
> is an integral legal framework which is respectful of IPR meeting the
> requirements of both 'innovative step' and 'novelty' – regardless of
> the technology, industry or sector.
> The objective of this study is to review the issues and possible
> improvements related to current framework for ICT patents to promote
> responsible innovation. This questionnaire is based on the review of
> the literature and interviews with stakeholders from various
> backgrounds. It aims to collect the opinions and attitudes of
> stakeholders involved in or with the ICT sector towards the current
> patent regime framework relevant for responsible innovation. Your
> answers to the questions of the survey, which we interpret as your
> personal opinion and not necessarily your organis ation’s official
> position, will be treated with absolute confidentiality. We will only
> analyse data on an aggregated level and include them in the final
> report of this project to be published on the project webpage
> http://cifra-h2020.eu/.
> We know about your time constraints, but would deeply appreciate your
> co-operation and your opinions in order to support the further
> development of an innovation-friendly patent regime for ICT in the
> European Union.

Please fill out the survey under <https://inno.limequery.com/228186> and
feel free to spread this e-mail with others interested in that topic. 

Best Regards,

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