Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Mat Witts admin at
Wed Jul 26 19:08:04 UTC 2017

Hi Bastien,

> I believe even political points deserve to be based on logic

> In fact, I’m *really* _really_ surprised so many people agree with
using Facebook for spreading FLOSS values... guys???!!!!!

>That’s my gut reaction.

You have clearly abandoned your preference for a politics of logic here
and opted to communicate your ideas using a politics of emotion really
clearly - completely voluntarily and with no coercion - no logic here -
just gut feelings - like you said.

I suggested FSFE political activists ambitions will be realized much
more effectively if they engage on the assumption that other people are
emotionally attached to facebook (they are not using it 'logically' are
they? In other words - we agree that being on FB is not a 'rational
choice' because it is harming their individual freedom, right?).

For FSFE to be on FB then seems contradictory, (we agree) because it
is... but the alternative you are relying on depends on all FSFE's
public affairs being controlled strictly within networks only running FS
- which is not only impractical... it's also 'illogical' too.

I think therefore we actually agree that politics is not logical at
all... I hope so - and on that reading Facebook, along with all the
other non-free software out there is both a threat AND an opportunity -
not just a threat - after all - if non-free software didn't exist -
there would be no need for the FSFE.

Facebook then can (and should) be part of the strategy, because it's
'logical' to do so.

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