Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Wed Jul 26 20:00:53 UTC 2017

In regards to the use of (free/libre software unfriendly) network
services only for advertising campaigns: I'm not sure if FSFE should go
that far as to do the advertising themselves. I think so because,
suppose the advertising is done by FSFE, from here on I assume that FSFE
will only publish the advertisements, but no other activity will be
made in that network service (no replies, follows, likes).

So, considering the assumptions made so far, suppose some user of that
network service becomes interested in what FSFE publishes (assuming he
does open the links and contributes eventually). What if, however, after
being interested, he decides that he wants to keep up with what the FSFE
does, and wrongly decides to do so using the same network service he's
already using, because he wasn't aware of another way of doing so.

What happens now is that person will continue using that network service
until he's aware of another way to keep up with the FSFE.

Of course, I'm not related to the FSFE, so this is only my personal
opinion. Besides, the FSFE has other ways with which people can keep
with what is being done (e.g.: newsletter, news/content feed), although
in other cases/organizations/groups this might not be very clear.

About developers thinking that (free/libre software unfriendly) network
services is where the most important discussion happens, and so
undermine the free/libre software friendly network services (also
including those with free/libre JavaScript, clearly indicated to the
visitor/guest/client : I also agree with you on that. :)

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