Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Bastien Guerry bzg at
Wed Jul 26 13:41:52 UTC 2017

Hi Mat,

let’s simply agree to disagree.

Witts <admin at> writes:

> If you don't think joining Facebook is an effective strategy to persuade
> people to leave FB then that's your choice, but I am not saying
> 'Facebook is fine', I am saying something like 'using facebook is fine
> for the sole purpose of converting people from non-free to free software
> or encouraging them to support FSFE' - and that is a political point not
> a logical one.

I believe even political points deserve to be based on logic :)

Also, I’m not a fundamentalist or whatever: I recognize life is
complex and politics is complex too.  I’m not judging anyone on
whether she uses proprietary tools or not.  I do sometimes use
proprietary tools.

But when I do, I don’t try to find artificial justifications:
I simply recognize I do the wrong thing, and I try to find ways
of not doing it in a not-so-far future.

In fact, I’m *really* _really_ surprised so many people agree
with using Facebook for spreading FLOSS values... guys???!!!!!

That’s my gut reaction.


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