Mat Witts admin at
Wed Jul 26 12:12:41 UTC 2017

Is the FSFE planning anything on the GDPR?

European data protection law and cybersecurity strategy/policy talks a
lot of talk about safeguarding 'individual freedom' in relation to
Madrid protocol and so forth but no mention of Free Software.

Here's one example...

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces (among other
things) Data Protection Impact Assessments (Article 35) which have to be
conducted when specific risks occur to the rights and **freedoms** of
data subjects. Data Protection Officers (Articles 37–39) are to ensure
compliance within organizations and have to be appointed **for all
public authorities**.

One report by ENISA (the European Union Agency for Network and
Information Security) specifies that outsourced data storage on remote
clouds is practical and relatively safe, as long as only the data owner,
not the cloud service, holds the decryption keys - nothing about
decentralization or open standards.. and the rest of it.


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