Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

mray mail at
Tue Jul 25 20:02:41 UTC 2017

On 25.07.2017 21:44, mray wrote:
> Reaching people isn't the end goal. Just like market share isn't.
> We are about freedom. What if I asked FSFE to tweet its take on using
> twitter? Wouldn' the honest tweet be:
>    "You should not use twitter
>     as it is a walled garden and
>     proprietary software."
> Maybe that tweet should never reach 1000 people.
> Let alone more.

Turns out I don't have to wait for this as the FSFE website says:
"Some services may be Free Software unfriendly and harm your privacy."

I guess the unfriendly harming refers to twitter and facebook, less to
GNUsocial and Diaspora. My impression was there was **no doubt** about
harm being done. Aren't we framing it a bit opportunistic here?

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