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Visited the Open Labs team in Tirana last week, it is really good to see
everything they are achieving there.

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July 24

/Big announcement and a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary!
Original source
Below the press release. Please share !/

The municipality of Tirana, the biggest municipality in the country
serving over 800,000 citizens, decided to make an Important move onto
open source technologies, by implementing yet another open source
software in its infrastructure and offering a major improvement with the
deployment of a private cloud service: cloud.tirana.al
On 11th of June the Municipality of Tirana migrated from OwnCloud to
Nextcloud after two months of usage. This replacement was proposed by
the IT staff after taking into consideration the priorities that the
latter has in terms of security and performance, and the fact that
Nextcloud is offering an enterprise product which is 100% open source as
well as their community support that might be a valuable asset in the
The director of the IT department of the municipality, Mr. Ermir Puka
<https://twitter.com/ermir_puka> and his team where very optimistic for
the private cloud service project since they first thought of offering
such a solution and that they see Nextcloud as the best choice among
similar products they considered, to address the needs of more than 600
employees of the municipality for secure file sharing and different
applications like the Collabora Online tools, the Calendar, the Chat
app, the mobile client(s) and more apps of the Nextcloud ecosystem.

The migration to Nextcloud is an important event since this is the first
municipality in South Eastern Europe which is putting serious efforts in
avoiding proprietary software, as a way to cut off costs and protect the
privacy of its data, employees and citizens and it has chosen also
Nextcloud among other open source software they are currently using, as
a tool to accomplish this.

An important contributor in raising the public awareness on the
importance of free open source culture in general and the public
administration embracing it in particular, has been the local community
of Open Labs Hackerspace. Different events organized, like meetups,
localization sprints, workshops and bigger ones like the Open Source
Conference Albania (OSCAL) have provided opportunities for people to get
in touch with technologies and solutions that are more focused in the
freedom of their users. In addition, the growth of the local community
is great news for everybody, as it is expected to positively influence
the municipality IT department as well as other local government and
private organizations in the upcoming months, providing skills and
knowledge as well as a potential opportunities to hire from.

/About Nextcloud: Nextcloud is an open source file sync & share platform
which was started by ownCloud founder Frank Karlitschek and members of
the team. Nextcloud aims to empower users to take back control over
their data and communication as an alternative to Dropbox or Google
apps, which can be installed on a personal server– allowing users to
sync & share files, calendars, contacts and more!/


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