Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

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Sun Jul 23 08:07:48 UTC 2017

July 23, 2017 10:30 AM, "Daniel Pocock"  wrote:Actually, I have been thinking very seriously about blocking all email
You may have a perfectly good reason to do that,
and perhaps you could also point them to a contact page on you site
so that people have an alternative way to talk you.

Personally I dont believe it's the way for our society to evolve
by blocking communications based on characteristics.

To be bland most of the Internet's routers are proprietary hardware and software.
Are you/are we going to do something about that?
But the topic on this thread is:
Is it acceptable to promote software freedom using proprietary platforms?
And on that matter I've placed my previous arguments upon.

 Last weekend I went to the Digital-born Media Carnival[1] organized by
the SHARE Foundation[2] where I participated in some workshops, gave a
talk and led a practical session on privacy with TAILS[3]. The vast
majority of people there were not from this group, they were a mix of
journalists, lawyers, policy makers and researchers. Many of those I
spoke to were previously unaware of the free software concept and even
unaware that they have choices about technology, many younger people
have simply grown up doing what they see everybody else doing, without
thinking about it. That is why I feel it is so important that
organizations like FSFE shows leadership. 
In my opinion that's the way we should do it,
and let me congratulate on your actions my friend.

 Whenever I told somebody I'm not on Facebook or LinkedIn, this
immediately provided an opportunity for discussion. 
And that is another way.
So you mentioned 3 ways that a person can do to promote free software.
Is it wrong for me or for fsfe to promote your superb actions
via social media that are based on proprietary platforms?

I could easily reach a large user-base and point them to your blog of fsfe planet/site
(as i usually do with things that I find interesting) and perhaps the 0.01% of those users
can reach out to our community for more info or actions.

That is the question.
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