Ethical phones

Michael Kesper mkesper at
Wed Jul 19 05:05:49 UTC 2017

Am 19. Juli 2017 00:23:00 MESZ schrieb Kurtis Hanna <kurtis at>:
>What I'm saying is that, IMHO, buying/using a device that likely would
>have ended up in the trash or recycled for parts is more ethical than
>buying a newly manufactured phone every 18 months, even if it is made
>with mostly recycled or ethically sourced material.
>Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

I think that's a very good point to keep in mind.
Free software has quite some overlap with upcycling or fixityourself movement (think about RMS and some laser printer).
For example, without free software millions of 'IOT' devices will turn into zombies producing a horrible amount of waste.
Without free software BIOS you cannot replace many parts of notebooks etc.

Best wishes
Hi Kurtis,

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