Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Sun Jul 16 15:55:11 UTC 2017

I agree with White_Rabbit.

However, we must distinguish between free/libre software
activists/proponents/supporters (I assume that everyone reading this
message is a person of such group), and those who are only free/libre
software users.

For one, I'm a free/libre software activist.

Activists/supporters/proponents mustn't use such social networking
services, because these sites foster usage of non-free software written
in JavaScript, see
[[]] --- note that
the language itself isn't the problem, the problem is that most browsers
don't have: licensing information verification (questioning the
user/guest/visitor whether to run or block the script based on the
results), verification of the presence of complete corresponding source
files (optional if the script is minified/obfuscated).

If the person is only a free/libre software user, and *already* has an
account on the networking services that require non-free JS, he can do
as he wishes to, noting however what is written in
[[]] (in the two asterisks, and also in the
paragraph after the two asterisks).

- [[]]
- Palestrante e consultor sobre /software/ livre (não confundir com
- "WhatsApp"? Ele não é livre, por isso não uso. Iguais a ele prefiro
  GNU Ring, ou Tox. Quer outras formas de contato? Adicione o vCard
  que está no endereço acima aos teus contatos.
- Pretende me enviar arquivos .doc, .ppt, .cdr, ou .mp3? OK, eu
  aceito, mas não repasso. Entrego apenas em formatos favoráveis ao
  /software/ livre. Favor entrar em contato em caso de dúvida.

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