International Day Against DRM - Take action

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Sun Jul 9 12:04:16 UTC 2017


today we celebrate together with FSF and other associations the day
against drm, a journey dedicated to inform people about the threat of
the spreading of DRM across our devices, software..mind [1]

As FSFE Local Group Milano [2], we made an event on the 6th of July
with talks on each involved topics (web, publishing, music, science,
games..) and an 8-bit party. [3][4]

A slide (in italian) we prepared as Local Group for the event is
available from Libreplanet page [5]

Another event with Richard Stallman in Genova hosted by FLOSS Liguria
is in action to celebrate this day [6]

Please join us spreading the event today with a mail, post, tweet, or
any action to inform people about this journey!

Pictures from Milano's event [7-17]


[2] (mirrored to

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