Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Jul 6 19:19:02 UTC 2017

On 06/07/17 17:28, Erik Albers wrote:

> I think you get the point. Metrics in the real world are pretty hard to
> interpret. However, like it or not, metrics in the digital sphere and on
> (proprietary) social media platforms seem easier to access and to make
> connections. For example when our president shares our new merchandise product
> and it got 500 shares and sold out in 24h. Or when someone did share our
> nocloud-sticker with a link to our order-page on reddit [1] and we got in 48h
> nearly as much orders as in the rest of the year, then we can clearly see an
> impact we made (or someone else made) in 5 minutes.

Metrics based on purchases, votes (not surveys/polls) or number of
people in a meeting/talk are definitely a lot more meaningful than
clicks, hits or likes.

When I nominated for the fellowship representative position[1] on the
GA, I wrote two blogs, participated in the IRC session and used no
social media.

> Please, do not get me wrong. This shall not favor online activity above
> offline-activity. I am a big supporter of offline-activities and I assume them
> to be very important for our message, community and cooperation. I mainly
> wanted to make a point about the complexity of numbers, data, impact,
> assumptions and so on to avoid too simple assumptions.

Thanks for clearing that up.  Maybe we need to have a dedicated thread
about offline activities, how FSFE can support them, how to reach out to
people who we don't normally encounter at hacker events?




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