On working with free software

agger at modspil.dk agger at modspil.dk
Tue Jan 24 21:29:48 UTC 2017

Earlier this month, there was some talk of the "free software company" 
and what that might mean.

I work in an interesting variant of this concept, namely in a company 
(the Danish company Magenta, see magenta.dk) which, according to its 
mission statement, may only deliver software under an OSI-approved 
license, practically speaking either GPL or LGPL version 3 or Mozilla 
Public License version 2.

It's not a "free software company" in the sense that we only *use* free 
software - new employees are free to choose their operating system and 
favorite programs, and while most developers use GNU/Linux, some prefer 
OSX or Windows, and that's completely OK. What matters is that none of 
the software that we deliver to customers is under a non-free license.

I wrote a blog post about that, and I hope to be able to elaborate on 
our practical work with free software in future posts:


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