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  > I believe that you are referring to Bastien's email here, which refers to
  > his
  > project and sugarizer.  My understanding was that the tablets were only
  > being used for their web browsers, and not installing software onto them.

If that's true, the tablets raise no issue specifically about THIS program.
However, schools shouldn't give students tablets running Android,
because they are full of nonfree software.  Not much better than an iThing.

  > Okay, but this aspect is not directly related to the Edu-FLS aspect.

What does "the Edu-FLS aspect" mean?

  > I am personally familiar with the DPM EBox-3350MX device, which is i486
  > architecture, and a diskless/fanless unit which also runs from an SD card.
  > The first version of the project being proposed used this just fine.  The
  > only reason that I changed to the Raspberry-Pi is because the 3350MX
  > costs $130.

Freedom is gratis, as they ought to put it.

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