Project to stimulate Edu-FLS development

Paul Sutton zleap at
Wed Jan 11 09:04:56 UTC 2017

The raspberry pi has also sold 11 million units,   granted they are not
all being used as devices to teach kids coding as there are also units
being used to control devices,   cameras to capture wildlife photos, 
media (kodi) clients for example,  but that is one big user base.

I think the fact that it has non free hardware blobs,  which is more to
do with Broadcom then the foundation. is a problem generally, 

Perhaps we can add or create activities to teach about the 4 freedoms.


> I am personally familiar with the DPM EBox-3350MX device, which is i486
> architecture, and a diskless/fanless unit which also runs from an SD card.
> The first version of the project being proposed used this just fine.  The
> only reason that I changed to the Raspberry-Pi is because the 3350MX
> costs $130.
> -Charles
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