Project to stimulate Edu-FLS development

Bastien Guerry bzg at
Wed Jan 11 07:44:23 UTC 2017

Richard Stallman <rms at> writes:

> Can you help raise money to hire someone to work on
> reverse-engineering those interfaces?

Sadly no, we are a small association and we don't have time to raise
money for this.

> In the mean time, if I were setting up a school, as a matter of principle
> I wouldn't give the students tablets.

You mean: even if those tablets were running only free softwares?

If so, I'm curious to understand why.

After the six months I spent working for OLPC as a contractor (helping
with the OLPC deployment in Haiti, which never happened btw), I'm also
skeptical about using laptops and tablets in schools.

But our goal with Sugarizer is to convince the ministry of education
it should encourages (and perhaps fund) free softwares in education,
because the use and the design of these software is a collaborative
work, bringing developers and teachers around the same table to find
the relevant questions and answers about what students need.

>   > Thanks for the information.  As far as I understand, all single board
>   > computers have at least some flaws.
> That is true.  There are peripherals that need nonfree software.  But
> your project does not use all the peripherals of that computer --
> perhaps there is a model that can do _what your project needs_ without
> nonfree software.

This is one of our goal, but not our top priority for now.


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