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Hello Guido,

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 5:39 PM, Guido Arnold <guido at> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 11:54:13AM -0700, Charles Cossé wrote:
> I'm puzzled with this too.  What is meant by "engagement of the user
> with developers"?

I believe that the scheme addresses two things which have always been
lacking in free software: incentive beyond mere ego and altruism, and
follow-through in order that projects don't end-up "half-baked".  So the
"engagement" refers to both of these: users of the platform, i.e. parents,
supporting activities with portions of their subscription fee, and the
ongoing process of activity improvement which that would also tend to

And, at the risk of redundancy: the subtle cornerstone of the whole scheme
is that kids end-up learning very well, however that is _not_ their
motivation.  Their motivation is to _earn_ credits for internet access, but
turns out that the results are the same, i.e. it is in their interest to
focus and try hard.  I'm not aware of any other scheme which results in
kids asking for more math homework.  The scheme is a way to harness that

Like Bastien, I think that endorsement of any organisation shouldn't
> be necessary. To my knowledge, FSFE does not endorse any particular
> Free Software project for numerous reasons (e.g. where to draw the
> line what's worth endorsing?).

The "Current campaigns" page at:  has a
campaign for "High Priority Free Software Projects".  Could this possibly
fall under that header?  Also, I just received FSF email attempting to
raise $3,700,000 for the Talos Secure Workstation.

I would like to promote this scheme sometime soon by writing magazine
articles, interviews, meetings with teachers, staff, parents, homeschool
groups ... there are so many potential stakeholders who might be
interested, all with the ultimate goal of producing a tidal wave of Edu-FLS
development and focusing positive attention on the FSF/* which would
potentially help other campaigns as well.

Best regards,
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