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Guido Arnold guido at
Wed Jan 11 00:39:48 UTC 2017

Hi Charles,

Thank you very much for the further explanation. I think that cleared
some misunderstandings on my end.

On Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 11:54:13AM -0700, Charles Cossé wrote:
>    sites run on identical Gentoo Linux installations.   However, in my
>    scheme, running the activities on the R-Pi would defeat the purpose of the
>    ecosystem by allowing the users to drift away and not continue engagement
>    with developers, including the distribution of their proposed subscription
>    fee among devs of their choice.  In 2014 I did produce a 4G R-Pi SD image

I'm puzzled with this too.  What is meant by "engagement of the user
with developers"?

>    developers to go about doing what they love.  And the whole scheme I
>    described is the only workable equation that I've been able to put
>    together.  But yeah, I want to be doing what you are doing, i.e. working
>    on the software ... but I'm prepared to devote myself to community
>    building and leading such a campaign if FSF/E can adopt / endorse ... I do

Like Bastien, I think that endorsement of any organisation shouldn't
be necessary. To my knowledge, FSFE does not endorse any particular
Free Software project for numerous reasons (e.g. where to draw the
line what's worth endorsing?). 



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