Project to stimulate Edu-FLS development

Bastien Guerry bzg at
Tue Jan 10 08:12:45 UTC 2017

Hi Richard,

Richard Stallman <rms at> writes:

> I see two freedom concerns, in the project description.

Thanks for sharing those concerns.

> 1. The tablet.
> I think all tablets are sold with a nonfree operating system, but
> maybe some tablet can run Replicant (the free version of Android).
> I presume your software runs on Android.  Is the entire app free
> software?  Specifically, does it avoid nonfree libraries, including
> the Google Play Servics library?

The tablets we use in this school use Android, with a limited set of
available services.  We removed the Google Play services, but there
are other parts of the tablets that are not free.

Our primary goal is to develop and test Sugarizer with children and
teachers and we focus on that.  We welcome help on using completely
free systems on the tablets.

> 2. The Raspberry Pi.
> The Raspberry Pi is an unfortunate choice because it can't run _at
> all_ without some nonfree software.
> If what you need is a single board computer, how about recommending
> one of the models that can at least start up without nonfree software?

I'm all for it!

> See for information.

Thanks for the information.  As far as I understand, all single board
computers have at least some flaws.

I just bought a BeagleBoard, which seems better than the RPi3.

I'll try it and we might consider replacing the RPi3.



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