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Mon Jan 9 00:50:32 UTC 2017

Hello Charles,

Sorry for the delay. I just found a few minutes to have a look through
the slides of yours.

On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 02:28:59PM -0700, Charles Cossé wrote:
>    [2]Here are slides which describe the idea visually.  The last slide
>    explains the Edu-FLOSS connection. 
>    I would like to re-develop the project featured in the slides as a
>    community, inclusive of FSF/E.

Thanks for the offer! I have to say that I am sceptical about this
project. My kids are not in an age where they would find themselves
alone with internet access yet but I will soon get there. I am curious
how happy you are so far with the outcome of the experiences you

With the little experience I have, I'd rather send my daughter an
email (if I can't speak to her in person) with URLs to read or tasks
to do than forcing her to deal with a carrot-and-stick system. 

If I come home and she hasn't done anything, I can still think of a
way of punishment if I see the need for it. Cutting off access to
information would not be my first choice. I mentioned my case earlier
but reckon that this seems to be the only way that works with youths

Back to your case:
If the young person doesn't like the task at hand, the options are
- screw it and grab a book of her choice from the shelf (good case
- bypass the system (e.g. get access to the RsPi and replace the
  SDCard with a stock Raspian image (not really a bad case scenario ;)
- do it anyway to earn the frickin' credits and learn to hate the
  subject (bad case scenario)
- go outside to the next fast food joint with free Wi-Fi (and probably
  start to hate you for pushing her to spend the little money she's
  got for food neither you nor her want her to eat (worst case scenario)

There are certainly more options to list but I chose those to
illustrate my scepticism in practice. 

My main point thoug is that I also fail to see how this will teach the
kid to embrace Free Software as an empowering, positive thing that is
worth fighting for (or: endure minor inconveniences for now).

As I said, I merely skimmed through the slides and may have missed the
point, but didn't want to leave this initiative unanswered for too

Looking forward to your reply and a fruitful discussion!



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