Shouldn't we try to give a boost to the PMPC campaign?

Gergely Székely gergely.szekely at
Fri Dec 22 20:20:33 UTC 2017

Hello Matthias,

Thanks for the reply and the lots of useful information in it.

Sorry, for sending my ideas to multiple forums.
My main excuse is that I do believe that the PMPC campaign can be a game changer and we should spread the message until it reaches everyone.

> I have just contacted one of our designer if he could work on a PMPC
> poster. Would be good if you could then spread those.

That sounds great. I'm looking forward to the PMPC poster.
(Please, don't forget to add the qr-code of string, most people understandably prefer scanning a qr-code over typing on mobile devices.)

>> - I think the campaign should also be boosted on online platforms
>> (forums, blogs, social media, etc). I'm only on diaspora* there I
>> think I did my part (maybe on diaspora* most of the active users are
>> already reached)...
> Yes, I would love that. The question is: how do you motivate people to
> do the same as you did? At the moment we mainly do so by the share links
> on the website itself. If you have other ideas, please let us know.

That's a tough question. I don't know. I try to 'post' my enthusiasm about the PMPC campaign and hope that people will follow...

What do you think about trying to start a movement putting PMPC stickers to the doors of their flats and/or offices, taking a picture about it and sharing it on social media?

Idea behind the sticking: people crossing the doors will see the sticker and may engage in discussion about the campaign with the person sticking it.
Idea behind sharing: it maybe has a little chance that it become a social network movement and then the campaign may reach a lot of people.
A difficulty: only few people has stickers and it takes days to acquire them.
Possible solution: before starting this "stick and post" movement sending a couple of (say 5 or 10) stickers to people who signed the campaign. (If this is not too costly)
Another difficulty: the possible initial posters are spread across plenty of different smaller social networks that are not necessarily see each-other already. The crucial movement-igniting-part of "leader", "first follower", "second follower", etc. may not appear concentrated enough to really start the movement.

Here is a short but insightful TED video about starting movements:

If you start this movement also in on diaspora* I would happily join it as first or second follower...

> One particular action I would encourage you to do: spent the holiday
> season to speak with friends and family about Public Money, Public Code
> and encourage them, that if they agree, they should sign the Open Letter

I use every opportunity to speak with people about the campaign. ;-)

I usually give them a sticker after or during the discussion for several reasons:
1. to help them remember the site where they can watch your amazing video and sign the open letter
2. to give them a little present that connects them a bit to the campaign emotionally
3. to increase the chance that the stickers go to some places where others will see.

> Gergely, thanks for being part of the PMPC campaign!

My pleasure! I'm happy if I can help. The campaign is truly awesome!

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