Shouldn't we try to give a boost to the PMPC campaign?

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Hello Gergely,

* Gergely Székely [2017-12-11 12:15 +0100]:
> I worriedly watch the slowing down of the accumulation of the
> signatures of the Public Money Public Code open letter. I think this
> is a great campaign that should reach as much people as possible and
> the slowing down bellow 15k signatures sort of suggest that its
> spreading started fading way too soon.

Yes, it is slowing down. But that is normal, when there is less press
coverage and less activities. 

> Maybe we (FSFE volunteers, supporters, and members) should give the
> campaign an extra push. I'm pretty certain that the vast majority of
> people haven't even heard about the campaign yet.

Yes, we absolutely should push the campaign further. That is for
everybody involved in the FSFE, but we also plan to involve the
organisations as well as the individuals who signed the open letter more
into this in future again. 

The best thing for that is, if you have new information (e.g. outcomes
of the FOI request (see the information here ), or when there was some more
developments in our area. E.g.

> Some ideas:
> - Can't we know and get some celebrities of relatively famous guys
> sympathizing with Free Software who may openly support the camping and
> attract others to join as supporters? I don't know Stephen Fry is very
> famous and I have seen him advertising Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre on
> youtube, Bryan Lunduke also have some fame and a regular youtube
> program on Free Software related stuff, and probably there are plenty
> of people who may worth a shot to ask...

Yes, that's a very important part. We already have a few and will hopefully
soon have some more. From Fry we got some quotes for Document Freedom
Day in the past. The best outcome is that they do not just give you the
quote but share it in their circle. So if you have ideas, feel free to
go ahead and contact people about a quote. If they are willing to do so,
feel free to CC me or contact@ then in the conversation when you need

> - I also think it would be worth bringing the campaign to the streets.
> A couple of volunteers could bring campaign stickers or flyers
> ( and distribute them
> to the passers-by. (If you are [or know] someone in Budapest who would
> happily join me doing that please contact me. Unfortunately, I would
> feel embarrassed to do this alone... :-/)

Absolutely! Some of our local groups already do such activities. If you are interested how they
approach people on the streets, especially the Vienna and the Munich
group did quite a lot of those activities in the past. You could also
ask coordinators at if people can get in contact with you,
how to spread information about Free Software on the streets.

> - I think putting posters to bulletin boards in universities would
> also be great. Lack of official posters link
> here too. I totally
> plan to do this with the linked QR-code flyers even alone but if you
> are in Budapest and happy to join please contact me as this is also
> more fun to do in pairs or in groups.

I have just contacted one of our designer if he could work on a PMPC
poster. Would be good if you could then spread those.

> - I think the campaign should also be boosted on online platforms
> (forums, blogs, social media, etc). I'm only on diaspora* there I
> think I did my part (maybe on diaspora* most of the active users are
> already reached)...

Yes, I would love that. The question is: how do you motivate people to
do the same as you did? At the moment we mainly do so by the share links
on the website itself. If you have other ideas, please let us know.

> - I don't know if opening and keeping alive threads about the campaign
> on 4chan /g/ is a good idea or not? but I can help in that... Also if
> you can recommend online platforms where I can help engaging in
> discussion about the campaign I'm happy to do so.

Björn, Nikos, and Jan might soon publish something more on a new FSFE
platform for this. Until then we are happy if you contact Free Software
groups about it and if you talk with others online and offline about the
campaign. But people on our lists are most of the times already aware
about it. The important part is to spread out to new audiences and
explain them the issue. For that the video is a very good tool. So
encourage people to watch it, and share it again.

> All in all: Keep spreading the message are way too many people to be reached!!!

One particular action I would encourage you to do: spent the holiday
season to speak with friends and family about Public Money, Public Code
and encourage them, that if they agree, they should sign the Open Letter

Gergely, thanks for being part of the PMPC campaign!

Best Regards,

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