Shouldn't we try to give a boost to the PMPC campaign?

Carsten Agger agger at
Thu Dec 14 21:22:32 UTC 2017

On 12/13/2017 03:00 PM, Albert Dengg wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 01:41:23PM +0100, Paul Boddie wrote:
> ...
>> So, maybe letting companies support campaigns is good for transparency, even 
>> if it might give an impression of self-interest amongst those companies.
> well, we already did that in the past [0].
> the only question for me is:
> should we somehow group the copanies and the ngos together or not?
> also:
> even the ngos each have their own motications to support a
> campaigns, the only question is, what their motivations are (for
> companies, the thoughts about finacial gains might be stronger...but
> htat is also not given)
Another reason to allow companies to be listed as supporting the
campaign is this:

In my company we still hear this incredulous, absurd "But how do you
make your money?" question when telling people that we, as a software
house, will only deliver software under a free license. I think Bill
Gates (and others too) poisoned the minds of a lot of people with his
nonsense about how you can't do free software if you "have a company"
that is to "pay salaries and taxes".

If a company who's delivering software to the public sector is listed as
supporting this campaign, they are, apart from presumably having
supported the campaign financially, effectively saying that they *don't
want* the option of delivering software under a non-free license which
is still, I think, an important point to make in the minds of many.


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