Shouldn't we try to give a boost to the PMPC campaign?

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Wed Dec 13 10:35:47 UTC 2017

I think that more generally, this distinction makes no sense in the first
place. Why is support from some organization better than support from a

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017, 11:22 Carsten Agger <agger at> wrote:

> One thing that might help ever so little ...
> Several of my colleagues signed the letter.
> My company wanted to support the project officially, including a donation
> of money, and desired to have its logo listed among the "supporting
> organizations".
> However, these can only be non-profits/civil society organizations, so we
> couldn't be listed as official supporters (and our CEO kept his money).
> I can understand that for-profit companies are not NGOs, but why not have
> a section with "supporting companies"? If many signed up, it would also
> make a statement that actual companies working within the economy etc.
> support this motion.
> Best
> Carsten
> On 12/11/2017 12:15 PM, Gergely Székely wrote:
> Hi!
> I worriedly watch the slowing down of the accumulation of the signatures
> of the Public Money Public Code open letter. I think this is a great
> campaign that should reach as much people as possible and the slowing down
> bellow 15k signatures sort of suggest that its spreading started fading way
> too soon.
> Maybe we (FSFE volunteers, supporters, and members) should give the
> campaign an extra push. I'm pretty certain that the vast majority of people
> haven't even heard about the campaign yet.
> Some ideas:
>    - Can't we know and get some celebrities of relatively famous guys
>    sympathizing with Free Software who may openly support the camping and
>    attract others to join as supporters? I don't know Stephen Fry is very
>    famous and I have seen him advertising Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre on youtube,
>    Bryan Lunduke also have some fame and a regular youtube program on Free
>    Software related stuff, and probably there are plenty of people who may
>    worth a shot to ask...
>    - I also think it would be worth bringing the campaign to the streets.
>    A couple of volunteers could bring campaign stickers or flyers (
> and distribute them
>    to the passers-by. (If you are [or know] someone in Budapest who would
>    happily join me doing that please contact me. Unfortunately, I would feel
>    embarrassed to do this alone... :-/)
>    - I think putting posters to bulletin boards in universities would
>    also be great. Lack of official posters link
> here too. I totally
>    plan to do this with the linked QR-code flyers even alone but if you are in
>    Budapest and happy to join please contact me as this is also more fun to do
>    in pairs or in groups.
>    - I think the campaign should also be boosted on online platforms
>    (forums, blogs, social media, etc). I'm only on diaspora* there I think I
>    did my part (maybe on diaspora* most of the active users are already
>    reached)...
>    - I don't know if opening and keeping alive threads about the campaign
>    on 4chan /g/ is a good idea or not? but I can help in that... Also if you
>    can recommend online platforms where I can help engaging in discussion
>    about the campaign I'm happy to do so.
> All in all: Keep spreading the message are way too many people to be
> reached!!!
> What do you think?
> Best,
> Gergely
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