Updates on policy goal "Consumer rights and device sovereignty"?

Max Mehl max.mehl at fsfe.org
Tue Dec 5 14:31:20 UTC 2017

Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for your interesting question.

# Giovanni Biscuolo [2017-12-05 12:28 +0100]:
> please are there any updates about the 2014-2019 policy goal "Consumer
> rights and device sovereignty" and in general about all 2014-2019 policy
> goals https://fsfe.org/activities/policy/eu/policy-goals.html ?

Here are just a few pointer for first reads, please feel free to ask if
you have further questions or want to have more info on specific issues:

* Regarding device sovereignty we are constantly working on the Radio
  Lockdown Directive [1] which is endangering the users' freedom to load
  software on their radio-capable devices. There will be an update on
  fsfe.org with the latest proceedings in a few days.
* In Germany, we had a huge success with enabling consumers to use their
  own routers and modems to access the internet which wasn't legally
  guaranteed before [2].
* DRM ("Digital Restriction Management") still is a huge issue for us
  although there is no actual movement on the EU level in this regard.
* Within the Commission's Digital Single Market strategy there's lots of
  issues which require our attention, and Polina Malaja, our Policy
  Analyst, is doing a great job defending users' rights. Our comments on
  DSM [3] from 2015 might give you good pointers to further readings
* Mostly all our policy work aims to protect (Free Software) users'
  interests. Here's the latest news from this working area: [4]

By the way, with our recently launched "Public Money, Public Code" [5]
campaign we've also drawn some attention by politicians in the whole EU.
With freeing publicly financed software we hope to secure citizens'
personal data on a large scale.


[1] https://fsfe.org/activities/radiodirective/
[2] https://fsfe.org/news/2016/news-20160725-01.html
[3] https://fsfe.org/news/2015/news-20151104-01.html
[4] https://fsfe.org/tags/tagged-policy.html
[5] https://publiccode.eu/

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