"Joining" vs "becoming a supporter"

Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at fsfe.org
Fri Dec 1 19:44:38 UTC 2017


Didn't we have that discussion half a year ago?

On Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017 16:15:44 CET Daniel Pocock wrote:
> For me, these words have clear meanings:
> Donor = somebody who gives money
> Volunteer = somebody who gives time
> Member = somebody who has a vote in the AGM

Supporter = somebody who gives money or time

Both donors and volunteers are supporters. Well, almost: "donors" can mean 
both persons (like many of us on this list) and other entities (e.g. companies 
donating to the FSFE). I think the correct term for "somebody who gives money" 
is "sustaining member" (which does nothing to prevent further confusion).

> Join = become a Member

Not a native speaker, but I thought "Join as a <xyz>" was unambiguous and 

> Any other words like "Supporter" and "Fellow" appear to be marketing and
> need to be qualified whenever they are used in the web site or other
> materials.

I really don't think that "Supporter" needs to be qualified. True - it's not 
as narrow a term as "Volunteer", but for a reason.

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