"Joining" vs "becoming a supporter"

Max Mehl max.mehl at fsfe.org
Fri Dec 1 12:50:05 UTC 2017

# Daniel Pocock [2017-12-01 13:27 +0100]:
> https://fsfe.org/fellowship/ams/join.php?ams=join
> and that page has "join" in the URL and it doesn't provide any link to
> the /contribute page

Yeah, the /join pages lack a lot of useful information, features, and
links. This is because it is built on our old Account Management System
which is hard to maintain, not translatable, and tricky to integrate
with our normal web pages.

However, we are working on improving the situation by shifting to a
whole new AMS. This will also make it much easier to choose between
different options, e.g. becoming a volunteer or contributing in other
ways. Please read the AMS Hackers' wiki page for more info:


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