"Joining" vs "becoming a supporter"

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Fri Dec 1 12:26:38 UTC 2017

* Daniel Pocock [2017-11-30 16:43 +0100]:
>> I think recruiting members and encouraging people to donate is important.
>> So it worth making extra efforts to doing it right.
>> What do you think?

# Donations

About donations, yes, you are right, we are behind our schedule this
year and hopefully you'll soon read more about that, because yes: we
need donations by many supporters to keep us independent and enable our
work in the next months again. 

So everybody here who wants to support us financially, become a
supporter now: https://fsfe.org/join

# Membership 

> A motion passed at the recent GA meeting aims to change the way people
> can become members in future:


That is just one of the motions. The other one was:

  18. Future of Fellowship seats (Council)

  The executive should prepare a constitution change to remove the
  Fellowship seats.

  Result: 20 for, 0 against, 3 abstentions

See our vice president's blog post 
for more information.


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