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> (English
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> Looking forward to your comments.

It was pointed out to me by a very attentive reader ;) that the English
version has some odd use of "free of licensing". The German sentence

Software zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass Ihre
Verwendung, Analyse, Verbreitung und Verbesserung
unabhängig von den konkreten Lizenzmodellen
grundsätzlich genehmigungsfrei ist.

was translated to

Free software is characterized by the fact
that its use, analysis, distribution, and improvement is,
in principle, free of licensing, regardless of the specific
licensing models.

Theproblem is "genehmigungsfrei", which can be translated as "free of
licensing", but in this context shouldn't, as almost every Free Software
*does* come with some license.

I think a much better approach would be to use "free of approbation".


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