FSFE financial transparency

Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Mon Aug 14 13:04:04 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

> It is already public in the report[1] on the fellowship elections.

Yes, you may be able to find occasional references to it and numbers which
you may infer from other information given.

> Then it will be much easier for fellows to understand if those are
> subsidised by the fellowship donations or if those things are self
> supporting.

I'm not sure I would like this to develop into a direction where our
activities must be self supporting. FSFE supporters contribute to all
our activities: our legal work, our policy work, as well as the work
of local FSFE groups, and so on. 

Each activity is also engaged in because it's important for Free Software,
not because we expect to make money from it. We don't expect any activity
to cover its own costs, though some of them do, and more so. We probably
receive more funding due to our legal work than it costs us, but that
doesn't mean we should focus on that and do less policy work where the
opposite may be true, for instance.

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