Making free games and profiting on it?

Giel van Schijndel giel at
Mon Aug 14 10:04:44 UTC 2017

On 14-08-17 10:18, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Coming from a background in computer games, I was thinking really much
> about how to create free games and make money on it - to make it into
> a profession. First I thought about if the game is free software then
> it will no longer be a "commodity" in the same sense as todays games
> where you basically buy a license to be permitted to install the
> executables and artwork on your computer.
> So what can be sold then, if the free software game isn't sellable in
> the same sense?

I wonder if paying for development with a crowd funding approach would
be a viable model here. I have seen some instances where it was used for
non-game free software. I.e. you ask for money for the investment that
you're making: time. To abuse a popular acronym and make it better
SDaaS: Software Development as a Service.

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Giel van Schijndel

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