Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Bastien Guerry bzg at
Mon Aug 14 10:00:06 UTC 2017

Hi Mat,

I completely disagree.  Knowing that FSFE is using Facebook provokes
two reactions in me: one is my "gut feeling" ("guys??"), another one
is the one I’ve already presented ("FSFE should play a role model").

Saying that "politics is not logical at all" does not make sense to
me.  And discarding a logical argument because I *also* presented my
gut feeling does not make sense either.

I urge everyone to simply acknowledge the fact that it is difficult
not to be on Facebook and, consequently, anyone can very much be
tempted to craft justifications on why an organization like FSFE
should be on FB.  But I still consider all these justifications
to be wrong.

All best,


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