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Thu Aug 10 10:09:02 UTC 2017


I take your point Jonas about disapora possibly matching facebook on the
default privacy settings. I'll take your word on that for this
discussion because it may be more significant to consider which of the
two (diaspora/facebook) could be predicted to change the quickest to
respond to the potential contravention.

That techno-cultural aspect of FS (community) vs. proprietory
(market-led) design features suggests to me it may be worth working
something up on that... I may contact disapora for a view...

I note the high requirements of GPDR too, and because proprietary
software is much more likely to flout Open Standards I believe FS (and
FSFE) is more naturally positioned to talk into this new legislative
context without the need to shout, deliver free seminars or provide free
food & drinks(!)

Ioli - I am  sure GDPR offers a great opportunity to promote FOSS - one
way or another - the messaging could be quite powerful I think because
the GDPR articulates many contemporary issues for companies and citizens.

> Can we blame consumers or companies for choosing closed code over FOSS?

Well, lets not blame... lets see it as a huge opportunity to educate both!

> I would like to work with you, to help create relevant publicity about
the true values of FOSS, including its inherent GDPR-readiness.

Sounds like a plan...

I think GDPR has so much social and political force and influence over
large populations the FSFE would do well to talk into that space for
lots of reasons... and all of them I think are positive and developing
policy and orienting public affairs around that I believe would
definitiely been effective and in the FSFE mission interest

/ mat

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