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Wed Aug 9 23:58:01 UTC 2017

Hi Jonas,

Specifically, it seems to suggest to me that a fair number of
proprietary platforms - facebook for example might contravene the 'Data
protection by Design and by Default (Article 25)' that requires privacy
settings to be set at a high level by default.

As far as I remember, FB wants everyone to share as much as possible,
because that's forms the basis of it's ad revenue model and so the
default settings for new accounts and new posts for established accounts
is 'global' rather than 'private'?

I am sure there will be many other examples like this giving the FSFE a
welcome opportunity to voice in the important conversations people are
having about privacy and FB and others... I am thinking purely in terms
of FSFE public affairs, raising the profile of the organization as a
benign force for good rather than anything more ambitious I think.

ENISA seems to be used to elaborate on what needs to be done and
although separate from the GDPR looks to be very influential in the

/ m

On 07/08/17 08:20, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi Mat,
>> Is the FSFE planning anything on the GDPR?
> What specifically is it that you would see as something for the FSFE to
> engage in around the GDPR? What you quote sounded sensible to me, and are
> points which should be valid and true regardless of free software or not.
> That ENISA doesn't consider open standards in relation to the cloud could
> be something to work on, but that seems separate from the GDPR specifically.

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