FSFE financial transparency

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Aug 14 09:11:53 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I've been looking over the information about FSFE donors[1] and total

I feel there is a bit of a gap between these two pages and it does not
reveal how fellowship contributions relate to other revenue.

The donors page says the top 5 donate over EUR 12,000 per year each and
less than 10% of the budget each, so that means those five companies are
donating between EUR 60,000 and EUR 325,000 in total.

Could FSFE provide more details:

- what is the total sum from the fellowship program and what is it as a
percentage of total revenue?

- how many fellows contribute to the program?

- what is the total percentage of funds from the top 5 corporate donors?

- list the top 20 donors by percentage, without their names perhaps

- are there any revenue sources other than direct donations to FSFE, for
example, revenue from the summit and legal network/workshop?  Have these
already been included in the public revenue figures?  Are the total
receipts or only the profit from such events counted as part of the
revenue total?



1. https://fsfe.org/donate/thankgnus.en.html
2. https://fsfe.org/about/funds/funds.en.html

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