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El 30 de abril de 2017 17:11:09 GMT+01:00, "Steven R. Baker" <steven at> escribió:
>> I'd like to start by warning against purchasing any product from
>> Purism. They have consistently misled and profited off the backs of
>> the free software movement, without giving much back at all. Their
>> marketing material made many high claims - that they would be able to
>> run Coreboot, they were working towards getting Libreboot on the
>> device. This was false. They made claims that they were working
>> towards convincing Intel to free its infamous management engine
>> (something even Google were unable to do for its Chromebooks).
>> Finally, when Coreboot was actually ported (by a Google employee on
>> their lunch breaks, apparently), it ran with blobs that performed all
>> the initialization code. I think it is not unreasonable to describe
>> what they did as a scam. At any rate it is an overpriced generic
>Thanks for this. I was taking them at their word without looking into
>it. I appreciate the correction.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned 

That is where my next laptop is comming from. 

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