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Stefan Umit Uygur ostendali at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 07:53:15 UTC 2017

It will be lie if l say l knew any of candidate and therefore l simply
didn't vote

I know the candidates have been introduced in some chat session but not
everyone is available for such stuff and I'd have found very useful if they
were using ml, i.e. this discussion list.

The only person who showed up a bit was Daniel, despite my call. So l
thought the rest of candidates had no interest and/or their candidacy maybe
only symbolic...

However and whatever, to much noise about little things on the list for the
last 3 days....

If you guys only spend your energies on something more relevant rather than
about what we should call fellow etc. I am sure you will revolutionize FSFE.

I'd like to invite members, fellows or supporters​ (whatever else you guys
want to call l couldn't care less) to use this list from now on for
relevant topics that has relevancy to free software.

Apologies for the approach but l think it is necessary to stop this
politics talk because this is not what FSFE been created for.


On Apr 27, 2017 05:15, "Florian Snow" <floriansnow at fsfe.org> wrote:

> Hi Erik,
> Thank you for trying to find the reasons for the low turnout.  I already
> responded on fsfe-de, but I would like to sum up my thoughts here for
> everyone who does not speak German.
> I think it is unclear what the GA does and this makes it hard for people
> to make a decision.  Even among us candidates, I think it is unclear
> what the GA does.   The statements about what each of us wants to do as
> part of the GA are so different, not just a different direction or
> approach, they feel like they are about completely different tasks.  I
> take this as another hint of the role of a Fellowship Representative and
> the GA in general being unclear.
> I also think many voters don't know us candiates.  Now there have been
> many steps to introduce us, but looking at all the 7s in the votes, I
> get the impression that many people knew one or two of the candidates
> and put everyone else on rank 7.  That is a good choice if you want to
> make sure that the candidates you know are ranked higher overall and
> that is the approach I would take.  However, I think if more of the
> candiates were known to the voters, the votes would use more of the
> ranks.  This does not mean I think voting the way people have is a
> problem, but I think it shows us that we should do more to show people
> who the candidates are and what they stand for.
> All in all, I think these two issues lead to voter turnout being left to
> chance.  If the vote doesn't seem very important or it takes a
> significant amount of time to find out more about the candidates, then
> people will push off the vote and in the end, they may simply forget.  I
> almost forgot multiple times in the past and I hardly ever knew who to
> vote for.
> Happy hacking!
> Florian
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