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Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Wed Apr 26 07:51:47 UTC 2017

Hi Jens,

On 25.04.2017 20:19, Jens Lechtenboerger wrote:
> On 2017-04-25, at 13:00, Erik Albers wrote:
>> Unfortunately, we only had a participation of around 17 % which seems to be
>> the lowest participation since we record participation (2014). Many of the
>> list subscribers here have had the possibility to vote, so I like to ask for
>> explanations and possibilities how we can raise participation?
> Dear Erik,
> if you want to know something from the fellows, why do you not ask
> them?  (I’m a fellow, and I’m surprised by your choice of
> communication channel.)

Which way would you propose when you talk about "asking Fellows"? By a
mail to all Fellows?

I chose this channel because I expect 50% or more of the list
subscribers to be Fellows (although I have no number at hand) and
 - to not "overload" our Fellows with a mail to all Fellows
 - to enable an open discussion where people can react on each other's
   comments and motivate each other in participating.
 - a community topic is best discussed inside the community

>> The low amount of participation leaves me in particular wondering as this year
>> we had 7 candidates, each of them with a short representation in out wiki [1],
>> public hustings [2] and a reminder three days before the end of elections.
> I found the wiki page to be very helpful.  Many thanks to everybody
> who contributed!

glad to hear that

> However, I didn’t see an announcement for the hustings.  The first
> e-mail addressed to me as fellow matching “husting” is one from you
> sent on April 9.  I recommend to inform fellows ahead of time, not
> after the fact.

Yes, we are very sorry for this, but there were some communication
issues that lead to an unfortunate mix of announcements. You can see the
explanation of our Vice President here:

However, I like to thank all candidates that they participated and using
the log everybody interested could read it in the backsight.

Best regards,

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