Fellowship elections participation

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Apr 25 17:18:10 UTC 2017

On 25/04/17 19:07, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>> Is there a list of all the words that have been considered or links to
>> any discussions about this?
> I was running that process and the words that came up for discussion
> were:
>  - Patron
>  - Donor
>  - Member
>  - Supporter
>  - Contributor
>  - Fellow
> The discussion was had jointly between the Coordinators Team and Core Team.
> Ultimately, Supporter was chosen by a majority vote of those teams. Then
> we had a concluding vote in the same teams regarding whether to adopt the
> proposal to replace the term "Fellow" with "Supporter" (YES) or not (NO)
> which resulted in 31 votes in favor (YES), 6 votes against (NO).

If there were new words to consider, could the discussion be re-opened?

How about:

- activist

- volunteer and/or donor (e.g. some people would be both, some just one
or the other)

I understand there is also a related topic of the legal status of a
"member" and the question of what to call Fellows/Supporters is related
to whether they are members or not.  Has this been discussed again
recently in the same context as the renaming of Fellowship?  Is there
any documentation on the wiki or in previous emails that summarizes that
situation?  It might be worth having a fresh look at that before
implementing the name change for Fellowship.



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